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Whatever your mission — your success depends on applying resources effectively and getting appropriate results. Success isn't always easy to measure, and what you can't measure, you can't impove.

HPW Associates works collaboratively with you to assess, measure, and convey the value and impact of your organization and its programs/services, turning data into decisions that drive results. Our multi-step process assesses your needs, defines an approach, identifies tools, collects and analyzes data, and uses the results to feed decision making. It’s an iterative process centered around your input, becoming more and more productive with each iteration.

government.png  Government

As a government funded organization, you’re required to report to funders and constituents on your operations. We can show you how to meet reporting requirements and how to use this information in your own organization as well.

nonprofit.png  Non-Profit

For nearly two decades, we have helped non-profits demonstrate their program effectiveness, secure funding, improve outcomes, and earn continued stakeholder and community support.

business.png  Private Sector

As a quality leader in data collection, processing and reporting, HPW Associates can help you stay informed and strengthen your competitive advantage.