Research and evaluation are conducted in many sectors and for different purposes. Unlike for-profit companies, universities, or hospitals, for example, we perform applied research, or research that uses information, knowledge, and data for client-driven purposes. Our mission is to work in partnership with you to use data to make informed decisions about programming and/or service delivery and for whom.

As a company of service-oriented and client-centered professionals, we assist you in meeting your objectives. We do this by systematically collecting and analyzing data in order to enhance your understanding of how to improve and sustain programs and services.

Guided by the principles of integrity, reliability, and respect, we are committed to helping you succeed in making a positive difference in the lives of the people you serve.


Our multi-step process assesses your needs, defines an approach, identifies tools, collects and analyzes data, and uses the results for decision-making. This approach is an iterative process centered around your input and becomes more productive with each iteration. 


Our multi-step process assesses your needs, defines an approach, identifies tools, collects and analyzes data, and uses the results to feed decision making. It’s an iterative process centered around your input, becoming more and more productive with each iteration.

Assessing your needs

We gather information about your organization and projects to create a foundation for our relationship with your organization. We study specific projects, proposals you’ve written, and other sources to understand what type of evaluation you need to achieve your goals. In turn, we share our approach and areas of expertise with you to discover the matchup between our capabilities and your needs.

Developing an approach

We develop a detailed plan for the evaluation or research project ahead, specifying a research design and which tools we’ll be using for the research.

Creating the tools

We create, vet and pilot the research techniques we’ll be using to collect data, and determine how it will be incorporated with your existing data. This step could involve redesigning tools you are already using, or training your staff to use the new tools.

Implementing the research

While collecting and analyzing the data, we will conduct ongoing trainings and feedback meetings, modifying and updating the tools as necessary. We’ll analyze the data and create reports, fact sheets and presentations in ways that answer the questions outlined in earlier phases of the work. We’ll also present the results to you and appropriate stakeholders.


This critical step uses the analysis to inform decisions that help you achieve your intended goals. We will help you understand what the results mean and what conclusions can be drawn from the data. We can also help you develop recommendations for future progress and future decisions. Most importantly, we’ll gather feedback from you on our performance and process to ensure satisfaction and to enhance our capabilities for future projects.


You, the client, are the center of this project. Our approach is collaborative and interactive. It keeps your goals at the forefront and it depends on your participation for its success.