We provide a broad and comprehensive range of evaluation and performance measurement services. Through a collaborative approach, we work with and engage you to assess needs, define an approach, identify tools, collect and analyze data, and use the results to inform decision-making.

We represent organizations and agencies across diverse sectors – government, nonprofit, and the private sector.

Needs Assessment

Determining the information you need to guide your organization’s strategic plan and/or make effective decisions about program plans and/or service offerings is a necessary first step. Our approaches to assist in this work include:  

  • Community surveys
  • Interviews and discussion groups
  • Background research

Program Evaluation Design and Implementation

Program evaluation is a collaboration between you and the evaluator and best works with your input in developing logic models (resources, activities, targets, and outcomes), program and service plans, ways of collecting data, as well as how and in what ways data are analyzed and presented. We offer three types of evaluation:

  • Process (systems and practices)
  • Outcomes (measurable goals)
  • Impact (strengths/assets)

Quality Improvement

Quality improvement activities include developing SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely) measure s and benchmarks to help you gauge how well and what capacity your organization, programs, and/or services operate. Quality improvement activities also involve what data are collected and analyzed, as well as how and with what frequency data are presented or shared. We partner with you to:

  • Review data
  • Make recommendations
  • Formulate action plans

Training and Technical Assistence

Support is essential to the continued success of any organization, program, or service. We can offer to you a range of supportive services – from technical assistance with databases or instruments of data collection to training on evaluation principles and effective data collection, analysis, and presentation. Our goal is to encourage a culture of evaluation at your organization or agency, and to provide you with the tools to conduct this work in the future.


Surveys are a cost-effective way to gather information from the people with whom you work and serve. We will work with you to develop or refine questions for by phone or mail, online, and/or face-to-face surveys, and we will provide you with results that can be used for the purposes of quality improvement and/or further decision-making.

Database Design and Development

Databases are a means to organizing and managing data that can be accessed for monitoring progress and measuring outcomes. Whether online or with the help of software programs such as Excel, we use our expertise in database design and development to plan and create a database to meet the needs of your organization.

Technical and User-Friendly Database Training Materials

Working with databases can be a technical challenge for staff. As part of our database design and development capabilities, we create custom documentation to assist staff in learning, operating, and maintaining a new or revised database.

Preparation of Grant Applications

The grant application process can be stressful, especially if requirements differ by funding stream. We work with you to understand the steps needed for this process – from application planning and submission through award and closeout. In our work on federal, state, and local grant applications, we have helped secure awards ranging from $6,000,000 over five years to $50,000 once annually.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Mapping and Spatial Analysis

Mapping and spatial analysis can be useful in gathering information by location and/or service delivery range. This information be also useful for guiding program planning, identifying service delivery gaps, requesting future funding, allocating resources, and/or assessing outcomes. We can help you plan and evaluate programs and/or services  with mapping and spatial analysis services, and we can guide you through this process.  

Cost Effectiveness and Cost Benefit Analysis

Efficient collection and use of programmatic and financial/cost data provide a seamless system for decision-making. Cost data analyses help make inferences about actual costs, cost offsets, and cost savings, as well as returns on investment. In connecting costs with your outcomes, we will work with you through the process and will analyze data needed to make informed decisions about what programs  and/or services to sustain, expand, enhance, and, in some cases, close.  


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